We develop because we value the quality


Pezal Product Line Sp. z o.o.
ul. Miałki Szlak 52
80-717 Gdańsk Poland
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It was the 1982 when the first step of the plant initiated. Surprisingly, not immediately related to today's industries. Political conditions and the prospects of private companies at the beginning of the 1980s in Poland, Piotr Zaleski found a niche for his own business, made PEZAL's core business in the first years based on the production of bottle caps. But thanks to the market needs, hard work, openness in the action and support of the family, small steps were created which, thanks to its founder passion, was supposed to provide solutions for the automotive industry. By leveraging a significant portion of the resources earned on the manufacturing company, while improving knowledge and skills, the company soon acquired the equipment needed to launch the first vehicle service workshop. As the only point in Pomerania specialized in repairing diesel fuel systems, the company quickly gained popularity. With the passage of time, already in the new political reality, thanks to the provision of modern diagnostic and repair equipment, the company started to develop with astonishing dynamism, becoming the leader of the Bosch Service workshop in 1997, afterwards Bosch Diesel Center in northern Poland, which continues to this days as PEZAL SERVICE company.

The market position, knowledge and facilities of qualified employees at the time, allowed in 2000's to open a new branch of the business - based on the sale of engines, and soon other devices powered by internal combustion engines. Supplied with the energy and activity of the next generation, it was born today's PEZAL PRODUCT LINE company. Since then, we have been continuously developing our trade offer and dealer network in Poland and abroad. The wide range of devices offered with provided warranty and after-sales service, encouraged customers and gained popularity of products. Since 2013, the company has been one of the few generator manufacturers in Europe - constantly expanding its fleet of machinery, introducing its own innovative solutions and continually improving its products with the slogan "We develop because we value the quality."